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About Srixon Z Star

Golf: It is not just silly outfits, shoes that should have stayed in the bowling alley, and sun visors that give you strange tan lines. You are serious about your golf game, so much so that you love the clothes, have 12 pairs of the shoes, and bring your own Srixon Z star golf balls everywhere you go. Gun that golf cart up to the putting green and drop a Srixon Z Star yellow ball on the turf and everyone knows that you are deadly serious. You might not have the best swing in town, but reliable sellers on eBay have you covered in the ball department. Pick up some Srixon Z Star XV balls and kick butt at the country club this weekend. If making the golf pro look like a golf geek has always been your dream, the Srixon Z Star balls are not going to change you actual golfing skill level. What they will do is make you look that much cooler when you hit the links, and that is half the fun.