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About SRAM XO Shifters

The last time your trail bike took a second longer to shift into a different gear like you commanded it, the delay cost you a few bruises. If you hope to avoid such poor reaction times, then you should get SRAM XO shifters. These shifters are perfect fits for SRAM and Shimano derailleurs and their precise actuation ratio makes them highly responsive. With an SRAM XO 9-speed shifter, you will have a dependable and predictable means of shifting into gears whether you are slogging through mud, battling roots, or grinding against rocks. For more precise control, the SRAM XO 10-speed shifter builds on the 1:1 actuation ratio of the 9-speed shifter by eliminating the miniscule delay between upshift and downshift. In addition, the placement of this shifter is adjustable. Therefore, you can locate it at the perfect distance from your thumb in order to make shifting even speedier. You can find these and more SRAM XO shifters among the wide selection of cycling gear and bicycle parts offered by reliable sellers on eBay.