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About Srad

You made a bet with your biker friends that you can upgrade your Suzuki GSX-R SRAD sport bike to match the performance and looks of this year's model. While improving the bike's performance is easy to achieve, modifying its looks will demand some skills. There is only so much a custom paint job can achieve. For a truly remarkable transformation, you need the right GSX-R SRAD fairing and body kit. This means that every part of the bike must be modified or covered with fairings mimicking the new model. Besides the main body of the bike, the major parts of the SRAD 750 to cover are the tank, exhaust and seat. Fortunately, you can find the right decals, fairings and body kit to reinvent your GSX-R SRAD from the wide selection of motorcycle parts available on eBay. You might end up spending more on your bike than the bet is worth, but at least you will have the right to brag that your bike is just as good as the new model.

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