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About SR20 Engines

The SR20 engine has been a secret weapon of sorts for Japanese carmaker Nissan, having been used in over 15 different models. It debuted in 1989, and many of the cars outfitted with these reliable engines are still on the road. When the time comes to replace one, look to the vast inventory on eBay to find exactly what you need. The four-stroke SR20DE engine comes in 1.6-liter, 1.8-liter, or 2.0-liter sizes and is made with lightweight, sturdy aluminum and features steel sleeves on some models. It was a popular choice in small and medium cars, including some turbocharged vehicles. The SR20VE engine, on the other hand, is a less common 2.0-liter engine with variable valve timing and lift control, used in certain Nissan sedans and wagons. Many of these SR20 engines come complete with ECUs, harnesses, igniters, coil packs, air flow filters, air flow meters, power steering pumps, spark plugs, intake and exhaust manifolds, throttle bodies, alternators, starters, and much more. Whether you are upgrading an engine or replacing one that has served you well, you can be sure to find exactly what you need.