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About Squier Basses

Is there anything sexier than the Squier Bass? Fender struck gold when they acquired this brand. They let it lay dormant for a few years, and then the market changed forever. Different woods in the necks add to the charm and rarity. eBay is full of Squier Jazz Bass beauties, not to mention the Squier Classic Vibe Bass with its unmistakable pickguards. Necks matching the pickguard seems the standard style, but Squier Bass most often goes to artists with their own distinct tastes, and sometimes you a comingling of colors is as much a hallmark of its identity, different but harmonious nonetheless, like the music these guitars contribute to make when in the right hands. And, the colors are themselves a delight to listen to: butterscotch blonde, Olympic white, fiesta red. Fiesta is right. These instruments are feasts to all the senses, except perhaps the sense of taste, but with "butterscotch" in its name, who can say some owners don't get so in love they just have to kiss their baby?