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About Squash Blossom Necklaces

If you want to wear a stunning, unique piece of jewelry that celebrates Native American culture or commemorates your trip to the Southwest, you cannot go wrong with squash blossom necklaces. Native American jewelry makers and silversmiths, starting with the Navajo and later the Zuni and Hopi, have used the squash blossom design for two centuries. The opening petals depicted in the jewelry designs may not be based on squash, however, but may be meant to represent the Mexican pomegranate. Native Americans, who called it "squash" because the plant was so integral to their lives, may have adapted the design. Because many squash blossom necklaces are antiques, their creators are no longer around to ask. No matter the origins, you can still find your own ornate necklace, usually made with beautiful, large turquoise stones set in sterling silver shaped into the distinct blossom design. Many of the necklaces also have further adornment in the form of a "naja," or crescent, hanging at the bottom of the necklace and made with turquoise and silver. To find your statement squash blossom necklace, choose from the vast inventory available on eBay.