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About Spy Voice Recorder

There are secrets to be uncovered in the great wide world and you are the one to uncover them. A spy voice recorder is a big help in your mission to find out and record a particular secret among friends, co-workers, or family members. These miniature recorders are perfectly sized to hide out of sight or are disguised as everyday objects to hide in plain sight. For instance, a spy pen voice recorder can keep track of the entire conversation from the safety of your front pocket. You can find many styles of voice recorder through the large inventory on eBay. If you need a recorder that turns on automatically, a spy voice-activated recorder is your own personal secret agent. These recorders lay in wait, dormant, until sound is registered and then they kick on to record whatever is occurring, before shutting off after a certain length of silence. Some recorders are USB drives so you can plug them into the computer to download and listen to your secret recordings. Find out what is hidden with your own spy voice recorder.