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About Spurs

The menacing rattle and the clank of the spur is most closely associated with the slow stride of a Wild West gunfighter, waiting anxiously for the clock to strike high noon. However, the inclusion of spurs in the Western ensemble isn’t just for show. The modern spur’s iron and bronze predecessors date back to, at the very least, the Roman Empire, and they have always been necessary tools for the skilled horseman or earnest equestrian. Undoubtedly, it is difficult at any rate to tear the image of a spur from that of the Wild West cowboy, which is an era of American history recollected fondly by most and celebrated for its raw, passionate, and valorous influence on American culture. Additionally, receiving one’s spurs is often considered a rite of passage in the Western world, most notably inspired by the Catholic tradition of passing out gilt spurs to members of the Papal Order of Chivalry, typically bestowed by the Pope himself. Vintage spurs are available on eBay from reliable sellers for collectors or for those interested in honoring the achievement of a family member, while Wild West enthusiasts can keep the history of the American West alive with a set of cowboy spurs.