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About Sprint Cars

When NASCAR and Formula 1 just don’t seem to cut it anymore, you can dive into the high-speed community of sprint car racing. By imagining 20 smaller vehicles all packed with 850 hp V-8 engines along slippery dirt tracks while racing over 100 mph within inches of one another, you can easily see what makes this sport quite exciting. Additionally, as sprint cars utilize oversized spoilers, they elicit huge amounts of downforce that make wheel stands and extremely tight corners at high speeds possible. With a methanol-fueled engine, keeping these powerful vehicles consistently fueled all of the time can be quite expensive, which makes them not very suitable for joyrides. However, for a racing climate, whether with friends or for a competition, the methanol boost and substantially higher compression ratio results in a g-force inducing horsepower that is just as addicting as it is fun. Whether you want to get into the sport or simply get your hands on either a vintage sprint car or a sprint race car, you can discover all of your racing needs by searching among the pre-owned or brand-new vehicles available on eBay. Experience the rush of speed and the delight of pinpoint performance with your own sprint car.