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About Springer

Have you ever wondered what makes it possible for you to cruise your cycle over a bump or pothole and not end up flying off and into a ditch? Using a shock absorber suspension system helps to alleviate the feeling of rough terrain when you cycle, and Harley-Davidson’s is one of the most prominent manufacturers to use this system, found in both the Softail Springer and the Heritage Springer, among others. For those who may be fixing up a vintage Springer, you can find parts for your bike on eBay, including Springer, springs, seats, forks, and rockers. As an alternative, you might opt to purchase a new or used Softail cycle in order to indulge yourself in the smoothest ride available. The design of these bikes emulates traditional "hard" bikes, but it conceals the shock absorbers to offer riders a softer and more comfortable experience. There’s no need to worry about people thinking you've gone mushy just because you're riding a Springer Softail, because one growl of the engine lets everyone know that your bike is still the boss.