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About Sprayers

Your lawn was beautiful last season, but this year it is looking shabby. It may be time to get out your sprayer and spread chemicals over the lawn to kill weeds, pests, and help your grass grow green and tall. The only real problem is that your lawn sprayer is old, and the hose spits out such a small amount of liquid at one time, spraying your lawn could end up taking the entire day. So, put that sprayer back in the garage, and go on eBay to find a quality sprayer. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of options, from a simple garden sprayer, to an industrial sprayer for your entire lawn. You can find one that offers a large capacity and can be pulled around easily on its built-in wheelbarrow cart, or chooses a smaller capacity sprayer that straps to your back. However small or large the job, there is a sprayer on eBay that is perfect for your needs.