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About Sportster Fenders

Give your Sportster a brand new look with the help of a new set of fenders. Replacing Sportster fenders is easy to do on your own, and can add new life to your rumbling ride without the need for any major body work. Choose black Sportster front fenders with a glossy finish that shines so bright in the sun that you can keep an eye on your reflection while you are on the open road. Cultivate an old-school look with the help of Sportster fenders in chrome that feature bold straight edges and rust resistance. Of course, you do not want to overlook your Sportster rear fenders. Grab some to match the new front fenders you have in mind, or go wild and choose some in a different color or finish to add some personality to your ride. Many rear fenders come with holes in them, making it easy to attach taillights. No matter what your preferences, there is a variety of great options to choose from within the vast inventory of automotive parts, products, and accessories on eBay.

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