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About Sports Illustrated

You don't have to be a superstar or an athlete to bring home famous athletes and bikini-clad babes—pick up a copy of Sports Illustrated instead. They may only be pictures and text in a magazine, but you don’t have to tell anyone that. If your buddies ask you out for a drink after work, tell them no, you have Michael Jordan waiting for you to come home. The much-anticipated swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated releases every February, filling the otherwise slow month of sports news. Beyoncé became the first non-model/athlete to appear on the magazine cover of the swimsuit edition in 2007. While this often risqué edition spurs cries of outrage and frequent subscription cancellations, the magazine offers less scandalous options specifically geared for kids. If you missed out on any of the magazines because you cancelled your subscription in a fit of rage, but still really wanted to read the next month’s articles, you can find previous issues on eBay. Get the first issue of Sports Illustrated, dating back to 1954, in mint condition to display proudly or buy a signed magazine featuring your favorite athlete or swimsuit model.