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About Sportkings

Sportkings isn’t some new brand trying to snatch of share of the sports cards world. In fact, the company can trace its roots to the very beginning of baseball cards, the trend that started it all. In 1933, Enos Gordon Goudey, founder of the famous Goudey Gum Company, became the first company to release baseball cards with each stick of chewing gum. A marketing practice formerly utilized, with less success, in the cigarette and candy industries, Goudey envisioned an entirely underestimated path to profit, and in turn, helped set in motion a tradition that would increase the popularity of baseball by promoting the teams and the players that made the game exciting. The original 240-card set, sold along with the title “Big League Chewing Gum,” is a legend amongst card collectors, containing one of the rarest cards in existence, the No. 106 Napoleon Lajoie, and the 1934 set, known fondly as the “Lou Gehrig Set,” was promoted by the legendary first baseman himself. Sportkings cards are available through reliable sellers on eBay. The company carries on its venerable tradition, releasing a series of new cards, such as the 2012 Sportkings Series E, or Sportkings 1/1 cards, which feature the artwork of legendary trading card artist Jarred Kelley.

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