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About Spoon Mirrors

Factory side view mirrors can be pretty dull and boring, but riding without them is dangerous and unlawful. Maybe you never noticed how inadequate your mirrors were until you saw a pair of spoon mirrors on pull up next to you at a traffic light. There is no reason to let clunky, unattractive side mirrors spoil the sleek look of your sassy ride or to slow you down during a race with unwanted drag. Carbon fiber spoon mirrors are lightweight to reduce drag are often made with blue anti-glare mirrors, and are available in manual and powered models. If you are looking for increased functionality choose a pair with LED turn signal lights in them. Whether you are adding to you custom kit or just making a minor upgrade to your vehicle, eBay's reliable sellers can help you give your car a sleek new look. You don?t want your side mirrors to be a drag when cruising down the strip or racing down the track.