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About Sponges

Whether in the kitchen or in the makeup bag, the simple sponge serves a similar purpose for women: to scrub away unwanted layers of grime and reveal the fresh, pristine layer underneath. A popular choice for renewing one's skin is a sea sponge—yes, the ones from the ocean. Natural sea sponges, with their soft texture, help slough off dead skin to expose new, bright skin; it also fits into any ocean-themed bathroom, or can be an attractive eye-catcher all on its own on the side of the tub or shower. Another type used in the world of beauty is a makeup sponge. This staple of beauty tools helps the beautician spread an even layer of foundation or concealer on her face for a natural, consistent appearance. Many shoppers have personal preferences for a certain type of sponge, such as egg-shaped, round, triangular, for the best coverage of their skin. Search eBay for brand-new makeup and sea sponges to get renewed skin with well-applied makeup.