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About Split Rings

Split rings are those little pieces of jewelry-making supplies that people rarely think about until they need them. Have you ever had a necklace chain break? Most likely, a split ring could fix that. Do you have a bracelet that is too small? Adding an extra split ring or two can make it fit perfectly. Split rings are available in a variety of sizes and finishes so you can be certain you can find just the right one for your project. They are even available as split key rings, perfect for keeping track of spare keys or as a basis for a personalized key ring gift. If you intend to work with split rings regularly, having a pair of split ring pliers will come in handy. These pliers have a special bent nose that allows the user to separate the split ring easily so that it can be added to a link or so that a charm or bail can be added to the ring itself. They also keep you from breaking your fingernails while trying to pry open the rings. You can find a vast selection of split rings and split ring supplies available from reliable sellers on eBay.