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About Split Reins

You picked up that Circle Y saddle from a yard sale and just could not get over how lucky you were to find it. The headstall and split reins came from a friend of the family who knew how much you loved horses and knew how tight your budget was, because those Western pleasure shows have been getting pretty expensive. Reliable sellers on eBay know how much your horse hobby costs you, because those big animals do not feed themselves. They have exactly the right braided split reins that you have been looking for to add a little flash to your show tack this year. Choose from a variety of leather rein styles with stops, poppers, and easy-to-open clips that look great no matter what shade of brown or black you are going with this year. Choose some cotton split reins for those training days to keep your show tack clean and damage free while you spend a little time on the trails. No matter where you and your horse are headed, split reins will help you get there.