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About Spinnerbait

The imagination that recreational anglers put into designing lures and flies has become a metaphor for American ingenuity. A spectacular example is Spinnerbait lures. They consist of one or more shiny metal spoon-shaped blades that spin like propellers when dragged through the water. The spinners may be placed in line with other parts of the lure, such as the target, or artificial bait; the hooks; or optionally, the dressing or skirts which disguise the hook and impart added motion. The spinners may alternatively be placed on a wire that extends at right angles to the target; these are called safety pin or overhead-arm spinnerbaits. The spinnerbaits attract fish by creating vibration in the water stimulating their extremely sensitive sense of touch, as well as the flashing that attracts the eye, and by making noise which the fish can hear. Spinnerbaits are especially apt for predatory fish such as bass, pike, and redfish. The avid angler can find an array of spinnerbait lots on eBay, as well as a wide variety of skirts in all sorts of colors and materials. Many other considerations go into choosing the appropriate lure for the fish, environment, and time of day. You should know whether you want to drag the lure along the surface or the riverbed, and how fast you have to retrieve the lure to create the optimal spin. So, be careful?collecting and mastering spinnerbait lures can be addicting.