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About Spike Bracelets

Feeling prickly? The idea of a spike bracelet often brings the image of black leather with steel points sticking out. Although that is not inaccurate, new and vintage spike jewelry also encompasses fashionable gold, silver and gemstone varieties. For instance, gold spike bracelet styles include thin bangles tipped with small spikes, gold chains with spike beads sticking out, and thicker cuffs with larger, claw-like parts. Some are great for casual wear while others work with a little black dress look. A rhinestone spike bracelet still offers that tough look but adds enough bling for a more feminine look in a variety of designs. Of course, the traditional leather type also comes in a wide variety of styles, including choices in thick or thin bands, white or black leather, and long or short spikes. They go great with jeans and T-shirts. With so many choices available from reliable sellers on eBay, you can easily find a spike bracelet that fits your personal style. So get your punk on with a few spikes and let people see a whole new side of you.

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