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About Spice Racks

For a unique accessory older than thyme itself, consider spice racks. Explorers discovered spices in the 1400s and word spread quickly of exotic scents and smells. The increasing popularity of spices called for storage containers, ideally ones that people could proudly display their foreign commodities. Spice racks, dating back to the 1500s, still serve the same functional and aesthetic purposes of storing and displaying spices today. You can find these racks in many materials, including wrought iron and steel. For an older look, consider antique spice racks or wooden spice racks. Wooden racks feature hardwoods like oak, mahogany, and walnut, and from softwoods like pine and spruce. Hardwood racks feature a dark, rich color. Many come with polish and lacquer finishes while you can finish others yourself. Polishes brush the surfaces of racks, adding shine and protecting them from dust, dirt, and abuse. Some racks come in single rows, holding a handful of spices while others exist as two- or three-shelf units, ideal for storing serious collections. You can look for racks on eBay, where there is a large variety from which to choose. Spice up your home with interesting-looking spice rack today.