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About Spektrum Receivers

You have spent months piecing together the most amazing RC airplane, and it is almost ready for its maiden voyage. The last thing you need is a Spektrum receiver; the quality brand that your labor of love demands. As a division of Horizon Hobby, Spektrum is a respected brand name, and its RC systems are famous for the use of Spread Spectrum technology. Put simply, when you use a Spektrum remote receiver, you bind it to the globally unique identifier for your transmitter. This means that no other nearby Spektrum systems can interfere with your transmissions, which is perfect for racing and showing at conventions. With a Spektrum AR receiver onboard, you can also use the "Model Match" feature, by which each transmitter program links to a single receiver, ensuring you do not accidentally try to fly your airplane with a transmitter programmed for your RC car. You can get your Spektrum receiver and transmitter from the reliable sellers on eBay, who have a massive selection in new and used condition, and who offer convenient shipping options so you receive your purchases quickly.

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