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About Spektrum DX3S

It may only be your pride that is on the line, but you still get testy while racing RC vehicles when someone else's signal wrecks your perfect run. However, with a Spektrum DX3S controller, you can finally say goodbye to cross-interference from other RC racers. The DX3S uses the DSM for signal transmission. DSM or Digital Spectrum Modulation provides a broad signal spectrum and allows frequency hopping. These features make the DX3S immune to interference from other RC controllers and receivers. The handheld controller provides telemetry data about your vehicle's speed, motor temperature, and battery voltage. It employs three radio channels and can hold up to 10 RC vehicles in its memory. If you own additional RC models, then the Spektrum DX3R Pro is what you need. It has a 50-model memory, provides telemetry data, and is compatible with right or left hand use. In addition, the DX3R allows you to adjust the servo speed and traction control of your RC car. Take RC racing seriously without sacrificing the fun when you pick up a Spektrum DX3S from the large inventory of DSM controllers on eBay. There you can also find a selection of used Spektrum DX3S controllers.

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