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About SPDT Switches

Do you need to get a bit creative with control of your lighting and other electrical appliances? One solution is to consider installing an SPDT switch or two. SPDT stands for "single pole, double throw," and it means that a single pole controls the entire circuit to which two different electric-powered mechanisms are connected, while the double throw allows for the control of each mechanism independently. Many SPDT switches have a left (or up), right (or down), and center position that, for example, let you choose to turn on a red light, a blue light, or both lights together. An SPDT rocker switch might sound ideal for a guitar (and would probably serve quite well as the pickup switch), but the rocker actually refers to the rocking motion that the switch makes as you adjust its position. An SPDT toggle switch, on the other hand, uses a simple lever to indicate position. You'll find plenty of new and pre-owned options for both kinds of SPDT switches and others on eBay, not to mention that the buying process remains about as easy as flicking a switch.