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About Spawn Comics

Al Simmons was once a highly trained assassin and CIA agent until one day he was betrayed and killed by his government. After making a deal with a demon so he could return to life, Spawn comics had its protagonist's origin set. Created by Todd McFarlane in 1992, Spawn has been popular as a franchise, leading to a movie, a cartoon series, an immense toy line, and numerous spinoff comics. If you are a comic book enthusiast, and you would like to get your hands on some Spawn comics, simply browse the wide selection of products available from trusted sellers on eBay. Order a copy of the Spawn Batman crossover comic, in which Todd McFarlane's antihero meets the Dark Knight to fight the common foe. Better yet, order a Spawn signed comic to keep as a collector's item if you are ordering purely for the love of memorabilia. Simply reach out to one of the many sellers to get your fix of Spawn comics.