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About Spawn

Comic books are extremely popular, but there is plenty of dross to sift through before you get to a title you know you are sure to enjoy. Head straight for a comic you are sure to love, such as Todd McFarlane's "Spawn," which is one of the bestselling comics of all time. Todd McFarlane got his big break working on Spider-Man at Marvel Comics, but made his biggest splash with the creation of his own character, the once-dead mercenary known simply as Spawn. Spawn since featured in an animated series, a live-action movie, and numerous other books and comics. You can find a huge range of "Spawn" memorabilia, from the original comics penciled by McFarlane himself to the later issues drawn by the equally talented Gregg Capullo. You can find clothing options too, including a huge range of Spawn shirts and T-shirts featuring the popular red-caped crusader as he does battle with the denizens of hell. No matter for what you happen to be looking, from "Spawn" books and comics to clothes, posters, action figures, and everything in-between, you are sure to find what you need thanks to the vast inventory on eBay.

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