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About Spare Tire Carriers

One good automotive rule of thumb is to forego the donut tire that comes in the spare tire carrier of your car. You should replace it with a real tire that fits on your vehicle. You need not worry about the weight difference between the donut and the spare tire ? the carrier can handle it. The spare tire carrier for all vehicles is made of heavy gauge steel, and it features heavy-duty welded construction that ensures its strength and durability. You can find a universal spare tire carrier for most Sports Utility Vehicles, but if you cannot, you can get a universal spare tire carrier on eBay. If you have a trailer or an RV, you can also get a carrier for those tires as well. The nice thing about having a tire carrier handy is that you always have a place to put your tire so that it takes up no space in your truck or inside your RV. When it comes to being prepared, you cannot go wrong with a tire just waiting in the carrier. With any luck, you will never have to use it.