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About Spanner Wrenches

No matter which side of the Atlantic you live on, the same important tool used to loosen and tighten fasteners, nuts, and bolts, is a must-have for home automotive repair, but what you call it may vary. The term "spanner wrench," although commonly used, is technically redundant. This term actually refers the tool Americans call a wrench and Brits call a spanner. Either way, understanding the different types of fixed and adjustable spanner wrenches used in basic auto repair and maintenance is essential when building your own workshop space and preparing to work on a vehicle. One of the most common types used in automotive work is the pin spanner wrench. Often adjustable, the pin wrench, as it is sometimes called, helps loosen pins, which, in auto repair, often means working in the camshaft or crankshaft. Other types of spanner wrenches include the "C" wrench and shock wrench. When shopping on eBay, it is easy to explore these different wrench models in order to understand which is most appropriate for a particular job or vehicle as well as find wrench sets that save money when building a workshop. Loosening and tightening are essential in automotive repair. That is why having the right spanner or wrench or even "spanner wrench" is so important.