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About Spanish Costumes

Take yourself to the land of siestas, bull-fighting, tapas, and flamenco with a choice of Spanish costumes. For a fun and flashy outfit for your next Halloween event or costume party, you can catch everyone's eye as a traditional flamenco dancer or a pirate. The art of flamenco involves several disciplines: singing, guitar, dancing, and hand claps. There will not be any question about your role in a classic red and black dress with tiered skirts, reminiscent of the art form's origin with the Romani people. A fancy fan or a pair of castanets would look perfect with any of these costumes, even if you do not know the moves. Some styles of Spanish dancer costume feature an artificial rose on a choker, head piece, or on the bodice of the dress. If dance is not for you, perhaps a life on the high seas, full of swashbuckling adventure sounds more like your style. As Spanish sailors explored the Americas, many turned to life as pirates. Capture the romance of piracy with a fun and flirty Spanish pirate costume. Both types of Spanish costumes, available from the vast inventory on eBay, are great options for your next costume event.