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About Spanish

Hank and Molly have opened their home to a foreign exchange student, Aida, who is from Castile, Spain, speaks only Spanish. Hank, Molly, and their three children speak only English and what little bit of Spanish the kids have picked up in school. They are all participating in a high school program to encourage these native Spanish-speakers to understand English and America, but Hank and Molly want to make Aida feel comfortable in their homes and so they have been trying to learn Spanish on their own. They bought a used Rosetta Stone Spanish program on eBay and some fun new Spanish children's books that they can share with Aida and their children. Because the words are easier, everyone can understand them better. It's a struggle for everyone to communicate sometimes, but Aida seems to appreciate their efforts, is learning to appreciate "American" Mexican food, and teaching them how to cook some popular Spanish dishes as well. It is a great learning experience for everyone and Hank and Molly hope to visit Aida's home country one day.

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