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About Spandex

Spandex is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable type of fabric active people enjoy wearing. Spandex is type of material that has a lot of elasticity due to the polyurethane fiber use that goes into the construction of this synthetic fabric. Depending on the manufacturer, some types of clothing like spandex shorts use fabric with a 100 percent spandex in their construction while other styles incorporate cotton or other materials into the fabric to create synthetic spandex blends. Either way, spandex is a material with plenty of give so it does not hinder movement when participating in activities requiring a lot of movement. People who play volleyball enjoy volleyball spandex shorts because they have to routinely bend, jump, and stretch and the shorts allow them to move freely. Found on eBay from reliable sellers in new and pre-loved varieties, spandex shorts are comfortable to wear and give people the freedom of movement they need to ensure peak performance in every activity they undertake.