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About Spacer Beads

Slowly, carefully, you string the beads, first, the three ceramic blue beads with flowers, then two spacer beads, then three white ceramic beads with flowers, then two spacer beads, continuing until the necklace is done. How beautiful the handcrafted necklace is. The spacer beads divide the sections of the necklace, but because they have their own unique design, they really add a nice touch to the ceramic bead necklace. For a bracelet, silver spacer beads would be perfect. Some spacer beads have intricate carvings or special details that add a unique design. Some beads can almost be worn alone on a chain because they are so pretty. Crystal spacer beads can be clear or come in colors such as blue or amethyst. Others may be made of silver or gold rings and have small crystals that encircle the beads. The crystal spacer beads are very light and can also be used on handmade earrings. Making your own jewelry can be a fun hobby, or you can turn your hobby into a small business if you wish. There is a huge inventory of space beads available on eBay for you to choose from that will make your jewelry look professional.