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About Space 1999

There are very few frontiers more interesting and unpredictable as that of space. The size and scope of the universe is beyond comprehension to most of us, and that is why shows like "Space 1999" are so popular. The show follows the lives of 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, stationed upon the moon. A nuclear blast forces the moon out of its orbit and hurtles the moon through space. If you remember the show from its airing in the 1970s or wish to watch one of the most iconic British sci-fi shows from the start, there is a "Space 1999" DVD or Blu-Ray set, complete with all episodes, available on eBay. If your children (or childlike husband) are fans of sci-fi shows, and especially "Space 1999," there are many collectible and mass-produced "Space 1999" toys from the series. They are available to buy in both new and used condition. Alongside the DVD and Blu-Ray sets, reliable sellers on eBay offer an inventory of sci-fi and television memorabilia, old and contemporary.