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About Souvenir Spoons

A European fad that captured the attention of Americans in the late 19th century, collecting souvenir spoons was a short-lived but wildly popular hobby for about 30 years. By the end of World War I, in 1919, interest in this very specialized hobby had virtually fizzled out. Today, souvenir spoon aficionados have managed to carve out a respectable niche hobby for themselves, and souvenir spoons can still be purchased in busy tourist hubs and auctions the world over. Find the sterling souvenir spoon missing from your collection, or perhaps one that might reflect some special meaning to someone you love, by shopping the busy eBay hub manned by a myriad of reliable sellers. How about a Gorham antique grapefruit spoon with an ornately carved handle and "Gettysburg 1863" engraved on the bowl? For your special Ivy League graduate or college football fanatic, pick up a vintage Princeton University souvenir spoon that marks its history-making championship victory over Yale in 1893. If it is state history that interests you, peruse a huge selection of souvenir state spoons, like a North Carolina souvenir spoon with its state flower, the dogwood, carved on the bowl. Expand your collection and click away on eBay to scoop up stunning new or vintage spoons.