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About Southern Pacific

The sound of a steam engine chugging down the tracks with its wheels clacking and its mournful whistle epitomizes American history. Southern Pacific is the primary name that comes to mind when you picture early American diesel engines transporting cars filled with coal, wood, and iron between industrial cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. Even though the era of the steam engine is over, the sellers on eBay understand your passion for Southern Pacific Railroad trains. They offer every iconic Southern Pacific brass replica you ever dreamed of owning, and the convenient shipping options ensure your trains are on collectible tracks and running full speed ahead in no time. Check out the giant selection of Southern Pacific model trains with coal cars, passenger cars, business cars, and even enclosed auto carriers. The model trains are authentic down to the tiniest details like working lights, tiny handrails, and adorable little doors and windows. Pick out your favorite trains and set up tracks in your living room for the holidays or for year-round enjoyment.