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About Southern Cookbooks

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Take a plate and have some of the famous recipes made from southern cookbooks: cheesy grits, buttery biscuits drizzled with honey, peach cobbler, and fried green tomatoes. Are you hungry yet? You do not have to live below the Mason-Dixon line to enjoy these southern delicacies once you add a few southern cookbooks to your kitchen shelf. The southern United States has a rich culinary history, absolutely replete with palate-pleasing sweet and savory dishes that can be found in southern cookbooks issued by "Southern Living" and "The Southern Heritage." Explore the huge selection offered by reliable sellers on eBay, and pick up a new or vintage old southern cookbook filled with page after page of traditional southern cuisine. Sit your family and friends down with recipes prepared from "The Art Of Southern Cooking" by Mildred Evans Warren or "The Heritage of Southern Cooking" by Camille Glenn. Choose a genuine vintage southern cookbook for comfort foods to top all comfort foods, like 1958's "New Orleans Creole Recipes," 1969's "Southern Cook Book," or "Fine Old Dixie Recipes," circa 1939. Start clicking to order; just be careful not to drool on your keyboard.