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About South Sea Pearls

At first glance, the strands of glittering golden pearls seem so bright, so large, and so perfect that they must be fake. In fact, they are genuine South Sea pearls, the most expensive type of pearl to emerge from the ocean. The South Sea encompasses the area south of China and north of Australia and is home to a very large oyster that produces extremely large pearls. Some of these pearls are white, others are silver, and then there are the golden South Sea pearls only found in this part of the world. A true South Sea pearl necklace comes at a premium price, but in return, the buyer has the satisfaction of knowing they are purchasing a superior piece of jewelry. It is possible to find true South Sea pearls on eBay from reliable sellers. There are beautiful new pieces of jewelry, but do not ignore the massive selection of vintage and antique jewelry that also offers a stunning selection of these beautiful and rare pearls.