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About South Korea

South Korea's history is a turbulent one, and that means the initial things that comes to mind about it varies from person to person, though coinage enthusiasts really only one thing in mind. Much as in other part of the world, each style of coin in South Korea represents a different denomination for use in a transaction. Won is the collective way to refer to both the paper money and coinage of the country. These are all available to collectors through eBay's reliable sellers with many of the denominations represented. The money itself has a history interwoven with South Korea's, and as a result, some years of the currency are more valuable to collectors than others. But particularly valuable are certain years? silver proofs struck by the mints. Standard and commemorative proofs both exist and offer collectors a way to decide which of the kinds they most desire. Though most coins available for browsing are pre-loved, plenty of them remain in mint packaging for the discerning collector. By keeping the coinage in its packaging, the currency of South Korea remains in pristine condition.