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About Sound Activated Lights

You spend a lot of time creating the perfect playlist for your parties, but you feel as if you are missing an additional something to make the party even better. With a sound-activated light, you can create a perfectly timed light show that works in conjunction with your song choices, bringing the whole party atmosphere up a notch. Sound-activated LED lights have a small microphone that registers sounds, which allows them to turn on and off based on surrounding noise. These lights typically have built-in presets that play along with surrounding noise, but many also feature programs that allow you to customize your own light shows, making them the perfect accessory for DJs and other entertainers. Sound-activated DJ lights feature multicolor light options with white, red, green, and blue LEDs commonly available. Other models also allow you to customize the speed, so you can have fast-paced light shows for fast songs and slower-paced shows for slower songs. Sound-activated lights are a great resource for DJs and any other party host, and the large inventory available on eBay makes it easy to add the element of light to your music playlist.