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About Soul Eater Cosplay

Whipping scythes, flapping trench coats, and candy-colored hair pick out the members of the elite Soul Eater academy. A "Soul Eater" cosplay outfit brings you right into the role of one of the students or teachers from the hit anime, a motley assembly of witches and slayers out to save the world and get through the day. A "Soul Eater" Maka cosplay taps into the junior Soul Eater's punkish verve with her plaid schoolgirl skirt, signature long black canvas trench coat, and a pink wig to bring some life to her vivid cartoon hair. With a replica scythe, you look like you stepped right off the pages of the manga. A "Soul Eater" Stein cosplay showcases the laid-back lab coat and whipstitched aesthetic of the Shelley-inspired professor of combat and chemistry whose own mortality is a dubious concern. Patchwork clothes and some fake stitching rendered in cosmetics see you ready to hit the convention hall running. You can find a "Soul Eater" cosplay outfit in the vast inventory of costumes on eBay.