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About Sorcerer Mickey

Admit it: you cannot see a wooden bucket and straw broom without a part of you hoping that Sorcerer Mickey will pop out somewhere to clean the floor. If you are like most Disney fans, the triumphant musical masterpiece "Fantasia" strikes a special chord with you. You love watching the over-enthusiastic apprentice try to handle his chores with magic and cannot help dancing along with the ballerina hippos. The image of this character has become iconic in Disney lore and is often a representation of the brand as a whole. Show off your love of all things Disney, or hang onto memories of a magical family trip with this beloved character. Explore eBay to find a Sorcerer Mickey collectible for every member of the family. Join the in-park craze with a Sorcerer Mickey pin you can treasure or trade. When you are tired out from the day, cuddle up to your Sorcerer Mickey plush and dream Disney dreams. Convenient shipping options and trustworthy sellers make it easy for you to fill your home with mementos of your favorite apprentice magician. If only your plush could do the mopping for you.