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About Sony XBR

Although you have a soft spot for your trusty CRT TV, which has been reliable for years, you could not help but notice how much more engaging it was to see that Korean action flick on your friend's large flat-screen TV. If you love watching movies, a large-screen HD TV like the Sony XBR can really emphasize all the visual aspects the filmmakers intended the audience to see. A 55-inch Sony XBR is a great size for many standard living rooms, which is important, because sitting too far from or too close to the TV will skew the images. These offer superior high-definition picture, and some come with 3D-viewing capability. For the ultimate home-viewing experience, browse 4K Sony XBR LED TVs, which display the highest resolution possible so your picture looks natural and is immersive. 4K TVs use about four times as many pixels as most other HD TVs, and they offer a wider color spectrum, which means the pictures will feature unmatched accuracy and detail, making any scene visually engaging. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a vast selection of Sony XBR TVs that come with a variety of suitable features, such as Internet connectivity and smartphone control.