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About Sony Smartwatch

Remember when a calculator watch was the coolest thing since sliced bread? The Sony Smartwatch leaves it in the dust. In the race to come out with a watch-like device that does as many amazing things as possible, Sony has come up with a simple but powerful concept: a Sony Smartwatch that gives notifications and acts as a remote control for a smartphone. No, you cannot talk into it or listen to music on it, and it does not measure your blood pressure or fix your car, but it does let you know with a subtle vibration when you have a phone call, a new email, a new tweet, or a new message on Facebook. The Sony Smartwatch Mn2 can also control the music on the phone and take pictures remotely using third-party apps for the Sony Smartwatch; Bluetooth and NFC technology make it possible. eBay's reliable sellers offer new and used Smartwatches so you stay in touch with everything going on in your busy life. Oh, one more thing: it tells the time, too.