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About Sony Remote Control

Remote controls are the most abused component of everyone's entertainment systems, and Sony has a big chunk of the market, so it's no wonder eBay has a whole section for Sony remote controls. There's probably an infographic somewhere detailing what happens to most TV remotes. The important point is losing them or breaking them is kin to disaster. The more recent LCD TV models no longer have buttons on the front you can nudge with your toe or an extendable pointer if you're near enough to the screen, and not all functions are accessible through buttons. Everything from display settings to your favorite channels and the switch from DVD to USB external drives for your movies are on the Sony TV remote control. Speaking of DVD and external drives, the universal remote from Sony holds appeal. Your theater system is navigable from one remote. You can keep the clutter away as the other specific remotes are no longer needed, and if the universal remote gets broken, you can find another on eBay.