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About Sony Readers

As a world leader in electronics, Sony continually creates devices to build upon its own successes and to innovate within its field. This has resulted in a number of models of Sony eBook reader that enable savvy readers to find the model best suited to them. One of the criticisms of reader technology is that the buttons required to control the device are often small and hard to hit accurately, but the Sony Reader Touch model uses a touchscreen to make interfacing with the device intuitive. Users simply touch the screen to control the device instead of having to repeatedly try to hit a series of small buttons. But this is far from the only pre-loved model available from eBay's reliable sellers. The Sony Pocket Reader combines touchscreen technology with a small size to make a highly portable reader that users are able to store in a variety of locations. While it maintains the standard slate design, its smaller size allows it to travel more readily than some of its counterparts. Other models of Sony eBook reader are available, as well, and each possesses their own advantages. Finding the right one to match your reading style ensures a comfortable afternoon at the library occurs wherever you want it.