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About Sonic Wii

Wii owners with a fondness for older games can find several Sonic Wii games, including newer ones made especially for the Wii platform. Help the lovable hedgehog put his world back together using the power of the chaos emeralds in the Sonic Unleashed Wii game. Pick up this and other Sonic Wii games through the reliable sellers on eBay. The Sonic Colors Wii game takes you into outer space to save the colorful Wisps from Dr. Eggman's evil clutches. Journey through an amusement park that orbits Sonic's world and harness the special powers the Wisps possess to defeat Dr. Eggman. Determine which game you want to tackle first, or purchase several and have even more hedgehog fun. Give the gift of Sonic to a friend who can’t get enough of new video games. Run, roll, and jump through level after level and compete with your friends and family to become the ultimate Sonic champ.