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About Sonic Plushes

Supersonic speeds, the ability to turn into a ball at anytime, and a wicked ability to fight against his enemies make Sonic a favorite cartoon character for many. While he was originally in a Japanese series, he was such a hit that he also appeared in comic books, an animated OVA, and five other animated shows. A Sonic plush, which can range in size from a few inches tall to a few feet tall, features the loved features of the character, including his spiky bright blue hair and blue body color complemented by a mischievous grin and bright red shoes that always add a spring to his step. A "Sonic Adventure" plush replicates the favored character from the American television show, along with his friends, including Knuckles and Tails. A "Sonic X" plush brings the anime characters to life, including Rouge the Bat, Shadow, and Dr. Eggman. Search the large inventory on eBay, which allows you to find the plush toy you need to complete your collection. After all, whether you love him for his speed or for his bright blue coloring, a Sonic plush can be a fun addition to your home.