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About Solex Carburetor

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If your vehicle is not running as it should, take note of the symptoms. Things like idling issues, flooding, and stalling may indicate an issue with your Solex carburetor. You may also notice that your gas mileage is getting worse over time because your carburetor does play a role in how efficiently your vehicle uses gas. Once you notice that your carburetor may need attention, it is important to have a mechanic diagnose the issue. If your carburetor is going bad and you ignore this issue, they may compound and become an even more costly problem. In addition to using fuel properly, the carburetor is also necessary for controlling the speed of the vehicle's engine. Solex is a French manufacturer who supplied many European car brands with carburetors, including Rolls-Royce, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. Mikuni of Japan also produced the Solex under license and provided carburetors to Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Suzuki, so the brand has been used in many vehicles over the years. Explore the large inventory of Solex carburetors on eBay to find the one that matches your vehicle so that you can enjoy optimal engine function and fuel efficiency.