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About Soldier Costumes

Popular with kids and adults alike, soldier costumes are a refreshing change from the tired, dull old zombie and pirate outfits you see at most costume parties. Soldier costumes take many different forms too, with numerous different historic eras represented by costumes from across the ages. You can find the instantly recognizable conical helmet, red tunic, and body armor of the Roman army and show up at your next costume party garbed for war against the Gauls. If you are more interested in the more famous modern conflicts, such as World War II, you can find vintage olive colored soldier costumes modeled after the heroic British and American soldiers that fought on the Western Front against the villainous armies of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. You can even find fictional soldier costumes too, including the red, white, and blue costume of Captain America, the most famous fictional solider there is. No matter what type of soldier costume you are looking for, from the historically accurate, to the pop culture icons of fiction, you are sure to find exactly what you need thanks to the huge inventory on eBay.

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