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About Solar Panels

How can a burning ball of fire in the sky keep your ice cream cold? It is possible with the magic of a solar panel. These flat black panels harness the natural energy of the sun and provide electricity to do just about anything you can imagine, from powering a freezer to heating a water tank. Installing a solar panel system for the house used to be outside the scope of the average person's abilities, but today's solar panel kits compile all of the necessary wiring and components into one tidy unit. If wiring the entire house to run on solar energy is too daunting, set your sights on a smaller project. Smaller solar panels can heat water or power outdoor lights at night. Anyone with a south-facing roof has an immense supply of natural energy just waiting to be used. eBay's huge selection of solar panel cables and hardware makes it easy to try your hand at any project you can dream up.